It’s Never Too Late for a New Beginning

Harriet Sulcer has had years of success selling nutritional products through her home business –something she started out of necessity.

“I didn’t want a career, I wasn’t looking for a job, but suddenly we were in a very different situation,” Harriet recalls.

At the time, her husband had fallen into a clinical depression so debilitating, he didn’t work for months, and eventually left.

“After my husband left I had to declare bankruptcy and we lost our home,” Harriet remembers.

With her life in pieces and her business struggling to get off the ground, Harriet watched the 700 Club for encouragement.

“Hearing how God had restored other people not just financially, but restored their marriages, it built my faith and gave me hope,” says Harriet. ‘“And I really came to a point where I let go and I said, ‘Here Lord, here —all the broken pieces of my marriage, my finances, and I’m going to allow you now to put it all back together.”’

But as hard as Harriet worked, her business wasn’t growing fast enough. She says one morning while reading the Bible, she realized why.

“I was not tithing. I was giving occasionally when I could, but in my mind I didn’t feel that I could afford to tithe,” Harriet remembers. ‘“But when I read 2 Corinthians 9:10, it literally jumped off the page. ‘Those who sow sparingly will reap sparingly.’ All of a sudden I realized that I was trying so hard to produce the seed and that was not my responsibility; that my responsibility as a child of God was to make a deliberate decision to sow into his kingdom, and once I made that decision to sow, he would provide the seed.”’

From that time on, Harriet tithed faithfully to her church. She also became a 700 Club partner.

“God had spoken to me so many times through the stories of other people,” says Harriet. “So because that had meant so much to me, I wanted to be able to help support that program. Within a year I could see marked differences in my paycheck, my commission check each month, and my team began to grow. It not only began to grow, it began to grow exponentially.”

Her business has been growing consistently ever since. And that’s not all! Ten years after they separated, her husband came home.

“God graciously restored our family,” Harriet declares. “And then gave us thirteen years back together.”

The Sulcers were able to build their dream home, Promise Point, before her husband passed away. Harriet enjoys the peace of knowing her future is secure and
encourages others to trust the Lord with their finances.

“If we’re faithful and obedient then God will meet our needs. And he will supply the seed so that we have more seed to sow.”

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