Support CBN Foundation’s work on World Water Day

A 10th of the world’s thirsty live in India’s villages. That is about 63 million people in India who lack access to safe drinking water*. Women and girls are usually responsible for collecting drinking water and they spend hours walking between their home and a water source. This means less time in school or on earning a living. CBN Foundation is working across the nation to relieve the severe water stress by digging 500 water wells a year. Support us with your donation as we provide water to those who lack this basic need.

*Source TOI, 21st March 2017

CBN Foundation Livelihood Programme

CBN Foundation does more than just rescue disaster struck people. It helps people to rebuild their lives. This includes the restoration and reconstruction of their lives, homes and livelihood. Livelihood assistance is based on the geographical location and need of the community.

Self Help Groups

In Uttarakhand and Haryana CBN Foundation is working to create Self Help Groups and communities that are aware of their rights. Livelihood skills are being imparted that will create a sustainable and self-sufficient community. Women are making pickles, lemonades and craftwork, which is being sold through bazars and melas.


Many families in flood affected areas have been given livestock like cattle and goats to sustain them and generate an income.

Nursing Scholarship

Young women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are being given nursing scholarships that will enable them to support selves and their families.


Many have been helped in disaster prone areas to open photocopy shops and small provisions stores to support themselves.

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