Support Childhood

Children are facing more violence and more abuse than ever before. Emotionally and physically vulnerable, all children need to be protected and nurtured. They are a gift from God. As we observe Children’s Day, CBN Foundation urges you to join in Supporting Childhood.

1. Conduct a Good Touch Bad Touch workshop in a school near you. Ask us for material for the same.

2. Donate to CBN Foundation, so that we can conduct more Health in your Hands programmes, in which we educate children and parents on keeping themselves safe.

3. Send in a prayer request for your child at 0124-4286777. Follow our Children’s Day effort on Facebook.”

4. Volunteer at a CBN Foundation project to enrich the lives of children near you.

Life Changing Surgeries

CBN Foundation conducts life-changing reconstructive surgeries all over the country. Cleft lips are repaired, leprosy affected limbs are restored, cataracts are removed and burnt tissues re-grafted. You can change lives by donating to life-changing surgeries at


Support Gorakhpur Flood Relief

At this minute the CBN Foundation team is in Gorakhpur district. Villages are razed to the ground, homes are reduced to rubble, cattle is dead and crops are destroyed. Thousands are sleeping without a roof over their heads and with very few rations to sustain them. In the face of this tragedy CBN Foundation has set up relief and medical camps and is doing their best to support the relief effort. Donate to help Gorakhpur.

Support HIH Program

CBN Foundation is going to conduct 3 Health in your Hands camps in August in Delhi, Doon And Jaipur and more throughout the year. First-Aid kits will be distributed to participants at the end of the teachings. The kits are being sewn by leprosy affected artisans from Faridabad, through MESH an organisation practicing Fair Trade with disabled and leprosy affected crafts artisans, for their rehabilitation.The bags have been designed at the MESH studio and are being made of organic cotton printed with low impact dyes. These can later be used by the children to hold stationary. Each First-Aid kit with medicines and hygiene products will cost Rs 200. Please come forward generously and donate towards this need.”

Support HIH Program

Support Community Development

“In Uttarakhand and Haryana CBN Foundation has initiated Community Development Programmes. The team is working in marginalised areas to form Self Help Groups and communities that are aware of their rights.

Families are being assisted with the process of school enrolments, the making of Aadhar Cards and bank processes. Community Development Centres are the hub of adult education, after-school learning, livelihood training programs, workshops on Health and Hygiene, First Aid and other essential skills.

Livelihood skills are being imparted that will create a sustainable and self-sufficient community. Women are making pickles, lemonades and craftwork, which are being sold through bazars and melas. In fact, between April and June 2017, a 140 women benefited through 11 Self Help Groups.

Support the Community Development Programme with your donations so that more communities can become self-reliant and aware.”

Support the CBN Foundation Nursing Scholarship on International Nursing Day.

International Nursing Day is observed during the birthday month of the English nurse, Florence Nightingale (1820-1910). The English nurse became known as the founder of professional nursing, especially due to her pioneering work during the Crimean War (1853-1856). In India nursing is a sound profession for young people, it gives them the chance to earn a living as well as to help others. CBN Foundation sponsors financially weak but deserving candidates for the nursing scholarship. The nursing scholarship is changing lives. With a contribution of Rs. 7,500 per month you will brighten the future of young women.

Water Wells & Sanitation

A 10th of the world’s thirsty live in India’s villages. That is about 63 million people in India who lack access to safe drinking water*. Women and girls are usually responsible for collecting drinking water and they spend hours walking between their home and a water source. This means less time in school or on earning a living. CBN Foundation is working across the nation to relieve the severe water stress by digging 500 water wells a year. Support us with your donation as we provide water to those who lack this basic need.

*Source TOI, 21st March 2017

CBN Foundation Livelihood Programme

CBN Foundation does more than just rescue disaster struck people. It helps people to rebuild their lives. This includes the restoration and reconstruction of their lives, homes and livelihood. Livelihood assistance is based on the geographical location and need of the community.


Many families in flood affected areas have been given livestock like cattle and goats to sustain them and generate an income.


Many have been helped in disaster prone areas to open photocopy shops and small provisions stores to support themselves.

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Note: “Donations to CBN FOUNDATION are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80-G of IT Act. 1961”

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