Watch Nireekshana in Telugu every Monday & Tuesday on Gemini Movies at 6.30 am.

Special Prayer Friday

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Nireekshana Hosts

Nireekshana is a Telugu show which is hosted by Edward Williams Kuntam, Peter Samuel, Thejo Jeevani, Neetha Rani, Nikitha Tiparnapally, J.Prasanna and it comes every Mon & Tue on Gemini at 6:30am, based on real life stories of ordinary people who overcome life’s many problems with the extraordinary strength of faith through the power of God. It draws attention to problems that we face as individuals and as a society, and presents us with solutions as the show progresses.

Viewers Comments

“Though being illiterate and not able to understand many things in life but seeing the lives that have been changed in Nireekshana program, I felt the need to look into my life for that change of life”
Mr. A.Nagendra, Andhra Pradesh

“Every Nireekshana program touches one’s life, bringing awareness about the values of life and also encourages oneto change certain habits to have better life.”
Mr. Lingamaiah, Andhra Pradesh

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